The joy of small stuff…

14 Jul

My baby brother was born on this day


Yeah, so when Big, Exciting Things happen, it’s great. But far more fun and rewarding is getting a buzz from the small stuff.

Small stuff that’s made me happy this week…

1. Leaving a surprise message and pressie for my stressed-by-SATs daughter. *HUG!*message

2. Having a very kind mum at my daughter’s school make me my very own Thing! (From my younger ‘You, Me and Thing’ series.)Keda's thing

3. Finding these ace wooden (WOODEN!) postcards at the Design Museum in London (made by a company called postcards

4. Being given beautiful flowers by publishers Barrington Stoke (my latest book for them is ‘Sweetness and Lies‘).BS flowers

*Happy sigh…*

What small stuff has made YOU smile this week?

Karen McCombie :c)

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