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My new blog

16 Aug

Hi! I have a new blog-check it out!

There I will do book reviews, not here. I have moved my angel cake review there.

Please check it out!


Do you read comics?

3 Aug


Have you ever read The Beano?


When I was young, there were LOADS of comics for kids to read. For a long time I subscribed to a magazine called Judy, which was filled with comic strips of girls doing exciting things: climbing mountains, being chased by spooky clowns (that one freaked me out big time!), fighting evil mirror reflections of themselves, searching for treasure…

Judy doesn’t exist any more. Neither do many of the other comics available back in the 70s and 80s. But The Beano is still going strong – 75 years old now!

I went to a talk last week given by Neill Cameron who draws a comic strip called Pirates of Pangaea for a comic called The Phoenix. Here’s one of his drawings:

Neill was talking about how sad it was that comics weren’t really around any more (especially for girls). He believes that one…

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